As a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace, I would be honored to officiate at one of the most significant occasions of your life together – the celebration of your love for one another through legal marriage.  What is even more important than my experience of many years as a Justice of the Peace is the fact that I can provide a customized ceremony celebrating who you are as a couple, reflecting your individual taste, stylistic preferences, belief systems - and your unique stage of life and relationship.  I also perform renewal of vows ceremonies and commitment ceremonies if legal marriage is not your choice.

I am comfortable with whatever you choose as a wedding format – the three of us at your home or in a natural setting for a small intimate ceremony; or a large indoor or outdoor event attended by lots of friends and family, or anything in between.  You may want a ceremony that is secular, spiritual, religious, down to earth, or unusually individualistic.  You may just want a legal marriage without much ceremony at all.  You can, of course, also choose your own wording for the ceremony and vows.  I am a very flexible and open-minded person, comfortable with people in all stations of life.  Whether you are an opposite sex couple, or a same-sex couple; whether this is a first marriage or a second (or more) – I will help you have an excellent memorable experience.

It brings me great happiness to help couples find the right way to begin or continue life together.  I work with you to customize and make personal a ceremony that says what you want and assures you of the experience that you desire, one you will want to remember.

Dennis Helmus
Justice of the Peace
Wedding Officiant
Guest Wedding Officiant for RFamily Vacations
Member of Massachusetts Justices of the Peace Association